Geriatric Evaluation and Management Services (GEMS)

Patients receive better care when the health system, aging services, the patient and the caregiver/s work together with mutual trust and cooperation.
– – GEMS

GEMS is a multi-disciplinary network delivering medical and behavioral health diagnostic services, rehabilitative assessment and therapy and community-based care for older adults experiencing decline in memory and other cognitive function.

All services are delivered in continuity and coordination with the referring primary care physician and coordination of referrals is facilitated by eldercare specialists at Senior Health Partners.

Our Services Include:

  • Memory and Dementia Diagnostic Consultation by a Geriatric Psychiatrist
  • Physical and Occupational Rehabilitative Assessments
  • Driving and Home Safety Assessments
  • Medication Review
  • Treatment and Care Planning Recommendations
  • Referral and Linkage to Community-Based Resources
  • Family Caregiver Information, Education, Respite Care and Support Groups

Senior Health Partners GEMS


The GEMS Network Includes:

For More Information or To Refer a Patient, Call 269-986-3135 or email us.

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Geriatric Evaluation and Management Services are covered by Medicare, most forms of private insurance and direct payment.

Senior Health Partners GEMS

A Referral to GEMS may be helpful if an older adult is experiencing:

  • Changes in mental health, memory loss, disorganized thinking or episodes of confusion
  • Behavior or personality changes, loss of interest in activities, hobbies or social life
  • Decline in ability to care for self or carry out the activities of daily living
  • Inability to live safely at home alone
  • Caregiver burnout

Senior Health Partners GEMS

The Geriatric Evaluation and Management Services network offers improved care of the person with dementia through sharing of health and diagnostic records and easy communication among the providers within the network.

Family caregivers receive the benefit of respite care, education and support to empower them in their important role.