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Support Groups

Please call your support group contact person to check the availability of the group’s location.

What is a Support Group?
A support group is a group of individuals coming together who give and receive help, advice, friendship and emotional support while learning about problems that they encounter in their life. A support group includes education and methods for coping, and may be led by a therapist or a person of experience.

Why should I attend a Support Group?

  • A support group gives you the opportunity to learn, give and receive encouragement from others who are going through the same experience
  • A support group can help you learn about community resources and how to connect to those resources
  • A support group can provide education and methods of coping

For a complete list of support groups and times, see our support group schedule below. For general information, call 269.441.0948. For more information about a specific support group, facilitator phone numbers are also provided below.

All support groups are FREE and open to anyone.

Senior Health Partners Support Groups

Support Group Schedule


Group Day Time Location Contact Phone
Cancer – Breast Varies Varies Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Center Diane Olian 269.274.5084
One Day at a time Email (survivors@comcast.net)     Diane Olian 269.274.5084
Caregivers 3rd Thursday 1:00-2:30pm Senior Health Partners Office  28 Penn St. Battle Creek Anne Clark 269.986.3135
Diabetes Battle Creek 3rd Thursday 9-10am BBC Med Off Bld Ste 109 Front Desk 269.245.8190
Grief 1st Thursday 6:30pm Love In Action Community Ministry  203 Bowers Ave; Battle Creek Pastor John Boyd 269.224.1560
Journeys Program (Grief for families and children) 2nd & 4th Tuesday (Virtual) Varies Virtual Rita Mitchell 269.345.0273
Grief Connection Hospice Care of Southwest MI 1st & 3rd Wednesday (Virtual) 9:30-11:00am 6:30-8:00pm Virtual Cate Jarvis 269.345.0273
Finding Support & Healing After Loss Wednesdays 4:00-5:30pm CareWell Services 2nd Floor 200 W Michigan Ave, Battle Creek Linda Frost 269.245.6507       269.317.3651
Caregivers 1st Wednesday 3:00-4pm Heritage Commons- Marshall

Sherri Seifert, LMSW     

Erin Wilson, LMSW     

Lynn Moss, LMSW

269.789.7637       269.789.3939      269.789.3939
Kinship Care 1st Tuesday 12:30-2:30pm Location Varies – Contact Facilitator Sharon 269.274.4077
Kinship Care 3rd Wednesday 6:00pm Westlake Presbyterian Church 415 S 28th St BC – Child Care available with 24 hour notice Sharon 269.274.4077
Parkinson’s 2nd Thursday 4:30-6:00pm North Avenue Church of God    1079 N. Ave, BC Anne Clark 269.986.3135